Anyone Can Go Through Difficult Times

It is strange- to feel alone but be surrounded by thousands of people. My heart ached, I cried non-stop, couldn’t eat, sleep, or motivate myself to do anything. In an instant it seemed like everything had been taken from me. I lost every bit of my self-confidence. My “friends” had decided to begin spreading rumors and working to turn people against me. My world seemed to be in a downward spiral and I had no control over it. Being a good student had always been important to me, so I used my desire to attend a good college become my main priority. I pushed aside all the suicidal thoughts and forced myself to focus on school. I ended up finishing sophomore year as top of my class.

Now I am graduating high school in a month and will be valedictorian. Letting your struggles make you stronger is crucial. It is essential to keep in mind that for every bad thing that happens, 100 good things come along to offset it. One must count their blessings, be grateful, and be optimistic. Life is a beautiful thing- make the most out of it and bring a positive light to each situation. The paramount lesson I have learned through my experience with depression and suicide is that anyone, no matter who they are, can go through difficult times. Remember hurtful words can be the final straw that leads someone to suicide. Be aware of your actions and be willing to help if you recognize a change or possible signs of depression in a friend. Let people know you are there for them any time, any place. If you think someone is being bullied, be a leader and help change the situation. Reaching out to someone in need could save a life.