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Silver Lining

As a sophomore, my parents got divorced and I sustained two concussions within two months and have suffered from post-concussion syndrome (PCS) ever since. I went from being an honors student who never needed help to being enrolled in special education. I wasn’t able to do things with my friends because often I didn’t feel well enough, and after a while they got tired of me not being able to, so they stopped asking.

Anyone Can Go Through Difficult Times

It is strange- to feel alone but be surrounded by thousands of people. My heart ached, I cried non-stop, couldn’t eat, sleep, or motivate myself to do anything. In an instant it seemed like everything had been taken from me.

Getting Help Was the Hardest Part

Getting help was the hardest part. I was suicidal for about four months, and for a large part of it, I was coping. I managed to go through my life with very little change, because if my trash was suddenly filled with torn-up scraps of half written notes, no one else noticed.

The Show Must Go On

I’m a good actor. I can be a jock, a journalism nerd, a video production geek, a bowler, a wannabe frat guy, a musician, a hipster, the list goes on and on. Just name the part and I’ve probably played it.