Everyone Deserves a Friend

In the world we live in today, it is often easy to feel brushed aside or unimportant. Our days move by at lightning speed, never seeming to slow down for a moment to give us time to catch our breath. Because of this, people are often so concerned with achieving their goals that they neglect to recognize those around them. This becomes so familiar to us that when someone around us is in need, we are too concerned with our day to day lives that their needs tend to go unnoticed. However, if we were able to stop each day and think about the life of another human being, instead of our own, I have full faith in the idea that our world would be a much more enjoyable place to live. There would be less hurt, if more people were willing to help.

I like to believe that I am familiar with compassion and kindness; that I am capable of helping others in need by making a positive impact on their lives and giving them a world where they know that they have a friend. Making others feel like they have someone out there who is on their side is something that I strive to achieve daily. I believe that when people are left alone that is when self-loathing sets in. Everyone deserves a friend and someone who will give them attention and who can understand and sympathize with whatever may be going on in their life at a given time. It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day and it can make a world of difference. The great thing about showing kindness and compassion is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. And no matter how big or small, it is always appreciated.