Spring Symposium

Spring 2017 Symposium on Teen Suicide Prevention & Depression Awareness

Sponsored by the Tom Karlin Foundation and Speak UP

Announcing the Spring 2017 Symposium on Teen SuicidePrevention & Depression Awareness

TKF and Speak UP have been involved in teen suicide prevention, depression awareness, and stigma reduction for a combined seven years. In that time, we’ve encountered numerous organizations working on the same cause. Each organization brings their passion from their own encounters with suicide and/or depression, and they use that passion to drive life-saving and life-changing results. We’ve also found that each of those organizations often operates in a silo. Each organization is “recreating the wheel” on tools, resources and materials.

In an effort to work together toward the common goals, we’re introducing the first Symposium on Teen Suicide Prevention & DepressionAwareness. The goals of the Spring 2017 Symposium are to provide opportunities for organizations involved in teen suicide prevention anddepression awareness to:

–Educate each other on their efforts

–Share ideas and concepts

–Identify collaboration opportunities

We are currently seeking organizations to participate in the Symposium.This includes not-for-profits, governmental agencies, clubs and churches. If you are a member of or are familiar with such an organization, please provide contact information to: tomkfoundation@gmail.com. We will then contact the organization regarding specifics for this invitation-only event.

Thank you for helping make us prevent teen suicides, raise awarenesson depression, and address the stigma surrounding mental health!

Find out more about TKF & Speak UP at:

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