You Are Never Alone

It was a Tuesday night, aside from coming home from school, my mom had not seen me. Just like every other day, my room was my safe haven. To me it felt that as long as I was wrapped up in my comforter, then the real world couldn’t reach me. I had been in Kansas for almost six weeks, and yet I still couldn’t grasp that concept that it wasn’t just a vacation, but my move was permanent. I remember the day my mom told me we were moving like it was yesterday.

On that Tuesday night, my mom came into the check on me. And although I do no remember how the conversation escalated, it did. I found myself screaming at my mom. My face was red and the tears were streaming down my face. I had hit rock bottom.

Being controlled by depression forced me to block out my family and the possibility of new friends when I needed them most. Although it seems like you are fighting against the entire world, you are really only fighting yourself. I was never able to change the fact that I moved, but what I could change was my state of mind and what I was going to make of the situation.

Despite what my true feelings were, I got up every morning and looked in the mirror. I started every day with one big breath and an even bigger smile while I told myself that everything was going to be okay. I encourage all teens that surfer from depression to make their issues small enough so that it can fit into their own hands. Because if you can make your problems smaller, they won’t be as scary. And always remember that no matter what you are feeling, you are never alone.